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Express Package shipping to Haiti
I need to inquire into express package shipping to Haiti. I am shipping this package from my office here at Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Does your company provide a pickup service in this ...
Express Package shipping to Paraguay
I have a package that I have just completed preparing to ship, and I need information about express package shipping to Paraguay. A few answers that I need include the following questions. When wil ...
Document and Package shipping to Macedonia
I am here to gather information for my church, the Chucrh of the Betheren of Christ. We are small church based in Savannah, Georgia that does a lot of out reach work throughout the world. We are goi ...
Express Package shipping to Guinea
I need to prepare an express package shipping to Guinea from our warehouse here in Lyon, France. This package is about the size of a typical shoe box and weighs only a kilogram. If it is possible for ...
Express Package shipping to Costa Rica
I have to send express package shipping to Costa Rica, and that package must be delivered before the end of next week. Is it possible for your company to complete this delivery during this time? Can y ...
package form California to Asuncion Paraguay
Hello, I am trying to ship some boxes from California(sacramento) to Asuncion, Paraguay. Could you please provide a price quote. Weight, sizes and the time it takes to get the shipping to Paraguay. I ...
Express Package shipping to Malta
Is there someone reading this post who can respond to my questions about express package shipping to Malta? This package will be shipped from my office here at Trenton, New Jersey, United States. Sinc ...
Express Package shipping to Uruguay
I must prepare an express package shipping to Uruguay. Our warehouse at Mexico City, Mexico, will be the point of origin. Can your company schedule a pickup at that location next week? We have quite a ...
Oversized Package shipping to Bolivia
This shipment must travel a long way before it will be delivered. Unfortunately, there is no other way to achieve this. I am here to ask for information about oversized package shipping to Bolivia. Th ...
Express Package shipping to Venezuela
I must ship a package that must be delivered as soon as possible. It is due to this, that I am here to ask for information about express package shipping to Venezuela. How is it possible for our compa ...
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