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International household moving to Portugal

Posted by: Rene Jensen

I need to find a good, reliable company that can help me relocate all of my household belongings internationally to Portugal. I absolutely need someone who I can rely on to take care of the entire process for me. I am looking for a company that can do all of the packing and shipping, since I am going to be completely occupied with a job transfer. I don't have much big furniture to move. I won’t be taking much in the way of appliances, but I do want all of the cooking stuff from my kitchen. I also need my extra firm mattress. Other than those few things, the rest is pretty much small stuff. I figure I can pick up a few small things or get a mostly furnished apartment for the time that I am there. But I do want someone who will take extra care, as some of the things I want to take with me are pretty fragile. Anyone have a good experience or recommendation to share?