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Road freight to South Africa

ChiKan Mfg
Posted by: Stanley Reddings

What is your experience with different road freight companies that deliver to South Africa? I must send quite a few pieces of repair parts as quickly as possible. Our client there has a machine that is in need of some replacement parts that is slowing down their entire process and we need to get some replacement parts and maintenance instructions to them as quickly as possible from Tunisia. What I need to find is the most cost effective, economical way to get these parts across Africa. But still in a timely manner. More clients seem to be relying on us to be able to get replacement parts to them immediately rather than keeping a stockpile of backups on site for when they are needed. We have tried to tell them that they need to have the proper supplies and spare parts on site, but they seem more willing to risk us being able to supply quick shipments than to spend money on parts that may sit around for months or years. I need a good reliable carrier for these deliveries.