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Relocation to Melbourne

Posted by: Thom Biggs

I have a new job and my company is relocating me to the Australia. I need to find a good, reliable company that can help me and my family with relocation to Melbourne. I want someone that can do all of the packing and shipping. My wife has enough stress just moving to a foreign country, so I don’t want to leave this heavy load on her. I need someone who I can rely on to take care of the entire process for me. I probably will only be taking the washer and dryer, our beds and a small couch and chair. The rest is pretty much small stuff. We kind of want to take along some familiar stuff to help us feel more at home from the start. I hear the homesickness living in a foreign country can be pretty bad. So it won't be a large shipment, but I want to make sure that everything arrives safely and with a minimum of fuss.