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Posted by: Bob Jordan

My niece is working in Australia and has asked me to send a few of her personal belongings to her in Melbourne. Is it safe to ship a small package to Australia? I’ve had problems in the past sending personal packages to other countries, and I do not want to take any chances since she is asking for some things that we can’t replace. Photographs, mementos and things so she won’t feel so homesick. I once tried sending my daughter who was living in South America some presents for her little apartment. I spent over a lot of money on the various items and the shipping company charged me another $75 to ship the package. It never got there and no one was ever able to trace it. Even more frustrating than losing the money was disappointing my daughter. I don not want a similar experience with my niece. Are there companies that take responsibility for a package for the entire shipment, person to person, but still at a reasonable rate? I want someone who will guarantee delivery without asking an arm and a leg.