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International equipment moving to Poland

Posted by: Nancy Collinsworth

We will be moving one of our production lines to Poland in order to better serve the Eastern European community with our products. I am tasked with researching various ways to get our light factory equipment moved from Seattle to Wroclaw. Are there any international moving companies that specialize in a project of this general type? I have a couple of options, I can have the entire line broken down on this end and then sent over as one large shipment, or I can do it bit by bit over a period of a couple of months. Has anyone ever been involved in this kind of project? Are there any advantages to doing it one way or the other? Is it logistically easier to manage one really large shipment or a bunch of a more manageable size? I would really like to hear about your experiences and any problems you ran into so that I can avoid them if at all possible. Also, if anybody had a really good experience with a particular company, I would love to hear your recommendations.