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Furniture storage company in Poland

Posted by: Kenny Wood

I am going to be doing some volunteer work teaching in Poland. I plan to be there for at least a year, maybe two if the contract gets extended. I have found a little apartment that I can use for the entire time that I am there. But it is completely unfurnished, not even appliances like a stove or fridge. What I want to do is ship over some older furniture I have here, and have it waiting there in storage for when I get there. How long does it take to actually ship stuff like that to Poland? And if I do send it first, do they have good storage facilities available that will store my stuff and keep it dry and protected? Most of what I have will fit into what would be a medium storage locker here in the US, so I don't need much, but I really can't move it in to the apartment until I get there and make the arrangements for myself. And I can't seem to find anyone that has the information I need to make the arrangements. Help!