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Posted by: Iris Lemon

I need to ship a very fragile, very valuable package to Vancouver. What is the best delivery method for this. I am sending my grandmother's crystal punch bowl set to my cousin who has moved to Canada, and this is something that I can't replace. What are my best options for getting everything there in one piece? I am torn between packing it myself or having the delivery company pack it for me. If I do it myself, then I know that it has been done carefully and correctly. On the other hand, if I have them do the packing, then they will have to take complete responsibility if anything gets broken, right? I am not worried about insurance or anything like that. I just want this to absolutely arrive without any damage at all! I am also wondering about services. Is there anyone with a particularly good or particularly bad reputation? I probably can't control how they ship it, but I do want some assurance that it will be well handled.