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Moving companies to Montreal

Posted by: Edgar Reyes

What are the options for moving companies from California to Montreal? I know in the US there are a variety of ways to move, but I am not as familiar with the services available when you are going to a different country. I might want to rent a truck and drive myself, so I am interested in any of the move it yourself options. Are there any problems with customs or declarations or things? I am sure there are companies that do everything for you, but I don't really have that kind of money. In the US there are companies that will drop off a big metal container that you can pack and load for yourself. I need to move a small three bedroom house, including our appliances. So something the size of one of those standard shipping containers would be just about right. How does the price for one of those you load it services compare with doing the move on your own? I am sure it is not as cheap as do it yourself, but is it still fairly economical?