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Problems with ocean cargo to Kuwait?

TriPoint Engineering
Posted by: Abby Forrest

I need to ship some parts to Kuwait to finish a large project that we have going on in the country. The most economical way I have found has been to use ocean cargo to ship everything, but my boss is worried that the current instability in the region may cause unnecessary delays. We do have a deadline, so I can see his point. However, we also have a budget, so he also wants us to save money if we don't have to spend extra. I am stuck trying to balance the two. Anyone have any recent experience with ocean cargo through the region, especially to Kuwait. Of course, all the shipping company keeps saying is, "No problem." But that doesn't seem to assuage his fears or concerns in any manner. I don't really blame him. It is crucial to get this thing wrapped up as soon as is feasibly possible, so we don't want to take any avoidable chances.