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Multiple box shipping to Bahrain

Posted by: Antoine Adams

I need to send some documents and small machine parts as quickly as possible to Bahrain. All the parts are necessary, but we have to ship multiple boxes, and if even one doesn't show up, we might as well not ship any of them. We have a client who has a machine broken down that is holding up their entire production line and we need to get some replacement parts and maintenance instructions to them as quickly as possible. In the past air cargo has always been the way we have gone, but prices keep going up. Also, we have had misplaced or delayed packages from time to time. What I need to find is the most cost effective, economical way to get these supplies overseas, but still in a timely manner. And all at the same time. We have tried to communicate the advantages to keep these parts on site, but they seem more willing to gamble on quick shipments than to spend money on parts that may sit around for months or years.