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National furniture movers in Czech Republic

Posted by: James Larsen

My company is relocating me from Prague to Brno in the Czech Republic and I need a good, reliable company that can help me and my family relocate all of our furniture from one city to the other. My wife has enough stress just moving again, and I don’t want to dump a heavy load on her, so I really need someone who can reliably take care of the entire process for me, if I can.I need someone who can help with packing and shipping, since I am exceedingly tied up with the job transfer and other company business. We don’t have a lot of heavy furniture to move. I probably won’t be taking much in the way of appliances; just the washer and dryer need to go with us. It took her a long time to find exactly what she wanted, so she doesn’t want to go through that again. We really want to take along some familiar stuff to help us fell more art home from the get go. The homesickness of living in another country is bad enough without having to leave things behind every time we relocate.