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Container shipping of furniture to Singapore

Posted by: Hector Parsons

I need to ship a container of furniture to Singapore. I want to ship a container with some mattresses and other cloth furniture, but I’m a little concerned about mold and mildew and things like that. I got a really great deal here in San Francisco and I would like to get them overseas without any ill effects from the salt air along the way.I assume people ship such things all the time, but I have heard a few horror stories about ocean shipments by people who don’t do a lot of shipping. Like me. I had a friend send his pickup truck to South America by ocean freight and by the time it got there and out of customs, it had started to rust pretty badly. I am sure it had something to do with the way he prepared or packaged it, or maybe it was just the third world port it arrived at. I want to be sure to avoid any such problems myself. Anybody have any guidance?