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Equipment storage company in Saudi Arabia

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Posted by: Becky Majors

Our firm supplies several plants in Saudi Arabia with repair and maintenance parts. With the economy like it is, it seems that more and more clients are relying on us to be able to get repair items to them immediately rather than stocking backups for themselves. We have tried to communicate the advantages to keep these parts on site, but they seem more willing to gamble on quick shipments than to spend money on parts that may sit around for months or years. Since we have had some problems getting shipments through in a timely manner, we are thinking of shipping the most common ones over ahead of time and storing them in Saudi Arabia. That way, they are already through customs and inspections and just have to be shipped in the country internally. I need a good storage company that has some climate controlled storage and good security. We can't run the risk of things being missing or damaged by the elements, or we might as well ship them form here.