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International furniture moving to Austria

Posted by: Billy Frank

What is involved in relocating to Austria? If I want to move furniture and other household goods over there, are there any issues with customs or duties or other regulations? I know that some countries won't allow you to bring an older car into the country for any extended period. They also make you pay a hefty penalty if you bring in a newer vehicle. Does Austria do any thing similar cars? What about household furniture? If there is an issue, can I hire an international moving company to handle all of these little details for me? Where can I go to get more information about the process so I can make a more informed decision? I really don't want to sell my furniture here and then buy new. I know I am going to lose my shirt if I do that. I would just as soon not have to go through the process on either end. I would just rather pack it all up and take it all with me.