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International household moving to France

Posted by: Nick Artemis

My family and I have been studying French and haven't had as much chance to practice it as we would like. Now, I have an opportunity to telecommute on my job, which means that I can work form home, no matter where home is. I just need to keep a schedule that matches office hours here in Kansas City. Last year, we did a test run in the south of France for about six weeks. I had no problem with work so that all is good. The kids also really got a good exposure to some real French. So now we want to make a more permanent move. Last time we stayed with friends, but this time we will be getting our own place. We are going to want to take a lot of our furniture with us. All of the appliances are already there, but we will need our beds and some of the smaller furniture items. We will probably pick up some used couches and stuff, so I just need to move some of the smaller, more delicate stuff.