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International furniture moving to Spain

Posted by: Wanda Cortes

My father is originally from Spain, although he has been living in the US for quite a number of decades now. He came over as a young man to study international law and has had a long and illustrious career here. He has had his own place all his life and has accumulated some nice furniture, including some really fine antiques. He has now decided that he would like to move back to Spain to retire and live out his remaining years with the remainder of his family. We not only respect his decision, we wholeheartedly support him in this move. We want to help him make the transition back and also to allow him to take his collection with him. He has offered to give away many of the pieces to us, but we would rather have him enjoy them while he can. We would like them at a later date, but our only worry is moving them overseas twice - once when he goes back and once later on. Any advice on a good, careful shipping company?