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Fragile ocean cargo to Poland

Gregor Co,
Posted by: Will Gibson

We need to ship a container of relatively fragile items by ocean cargo to Poland. This is our first time shipping here and I am a little worried about shipping through the North Sea this time of year. Does anyone have any experience with ocean cargo to Poland during the winter months? We always do a good job of packing and protecting our goods, but we still have a bit of problem with breakage and damage. It just seems to be the nature of our business. But if you throw in the possibility of rough seas or rough handling, I am really worried about this shipment in particular. And, of course, it can't wait. We have to ship now, at what I imagine is probably the worst time of the year for weather. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Or am I just worrying over nothing. I surely hope that is the case and we don't have any problems.