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National furniture movers in Switzerland

Posted by: Jim Collins

I am being transferred from Zurich to Berne, and I am looking for a recommendation for a good furniture mover here in Switzerland. Another worker who was similarly transferred last year had a ton of problems, and I definitely want to avoid that. They had stuff broken and damaged, the shipment was late and it just seemed like it was one problem after another. I really enjoy living and working here, but sometimes the system and culture confuse me a bit. I would like to get a personal recommendation for a good national mover that somebody has had a decent experience with. We have been living and working here for the last three years, so we have had the time to accumulate a bit of furniture and stuff. More than I want to take, but I am not the boss on this one. We have a few larger pieces like dressers and a couch, but mostly it is the little decorations that my wife and kids have picked up that I am worried about. Is it better to pack these yourself, or let the company assume the responsibility?