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International clothing shipping to Brazil

Posted by: Jack Jordan

I have an opportunity to provide some Olympics related clothing to a company in Brazil for the upcoming Olympic games. We have never done any international shipping since we are a small company who is just getting started. Can anyone help me out with some ideas of what I should expect? And what are the pitfalls that I should be aware of? Obviously, these will be time sensitive deliveries, so I can't afford to wait too long and then have them get stuck in customs. Anyone know what the customs situation is really like for someone shipping clothes and stuff into Brazil? Do they have any special requirements or hang ups with this? I wouldn't think so, but I have friends with family in Brazil who come her to do their clothes shopping. They say it is a lot cheaper to buy in the US and take stuff back. Are the taxes and duties that high down there? Am I going to run into any real problems with this?